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We are big advocates for the sensory aspects of selecting the right stone slabs for your home. Some times people will think they want a certain type and then when they come in and look and feel our selection in their consultation then end up with something completely different. 

Natural stones give off earthly and healing tones. In being installed into the center of your home, they draw eyes to a focal point that represents both beauty and taste of the homeowner. We want you to choose the right fit, so let us walk you through options!


Granite is the most popular countertop material of choice because it defines elegance and can transform even the most modest kitchens into luxurious spaces. It is an expensive material, but it is exceptionally strong and it adds real estate value to a home. Granite countertops gives a timeless aura and appeal to your kitchen or bathroom. 

•    Heat resistant
•    Durable 
•    3000 colours and types available 
•    Nearly maintenance-free when treated with newer sealers


•    Not easily DIY installed
•    Can crack if improperly installed
•    Stone needs sealing to avoid stains


Marble is a natural stone commonly seleted for kitchen countertops because every sheet of it is completely unique. No two sheets are the exact same, making your home one of a kind. This is why ancient romans used it to build great halls to give a mighty and luxurious look that is sacredly one of a kind. 
Marble is a temperamental stone, so sealers are very important to keeping the material from staining or scratching. 


•    Heat resistant
•    Water resistant
•    Adds to real estate value of a home
•    One of a kind stone, with unique veining


•    DIY installation not possible
•    Can be scratched
•    Stone is porous and stains easily unless sealed


Quartz is an engineered stone product that is shaped into slabs and bound with resins and were created as a more adaptable alternative to granite and marble. It is high performing, and contains as much as 94 percent quartz particles. 
Quartz is available in many colours and varieties, and unlike natural stone, it requires ne annual sealing. 

Made up of one of the hardest materials on the globe, natural quartz is mined in various countries around the world mixed with resin to create an almost no maintenance, ultra durable product to beautify your kitchen or bathroom for years. 

•    Easy maintenance
•    No sealing required
•    Uniform slabs with no imperfections
•    Heat, Acid, and Stain Resistant


•    Countertops are very heavy

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